b my Valentine {pretty please} Pre-order ships 2/4- 2/11

b my Valentine {pretty please} Pre-order ships 2/4- 2/11

$ 28.00

Why send flowers which last 5 days (if you're lucky) when you can send cookies which can last 6 months on the hips and even longer in the freezer?

Pre-order now, leave a gift note, ships Monday 2/4 thru Tuesday 2/11 ( we cannot guarantee Valentine's Day arrival....as we are cookie makers not freight experts, be nice please!)

Please leave a note specifying ship day, NOT arrival day. SHIP DAY.

Remember to leave a gift note for your valentine!!!!

PEANUTBUTTER COOKIE BASE: milk chocolate/sprinkle heart center

RED VELVET COOKIE BASE: covered in valentine sprinkles + Oreo

QUADRUPLE CHOCOLATE BASE:  large Reeses, teddy graham, red/or pink heart

CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE BASE: caramel center + gold leaf+ heart

FOUR PACK: one of each.

EIGHT PACK:  two of each

DOZEN PACK: three of each

Made with the best ingredients we could source. These big, fat, SIX ounce cookies will make you the hit of the party (or office, or classroom, or blind date).

A little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Our cookies have a shelf life of 7 days, after that we suggest freezing.

To re-heat, bring cookies to room temperature (if frozen) warm in a 350 degree oven for 8-10 minutes....the chocolate will be melty and the outside will be crispy.

If freezing isn't your thing, our cookies morph in to a versatile biscotti type cookie after 3 days- simply slice- leave uncovered (yes, uncovered) and dunk in your cappuccino for days to come!

Going to a party? bring our BIG FAT cookies and slice a few so one person doesn't hoard all the goodness!

Contains: wheat flour, whole oats, raisins,sugar, butter/ milk, chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), eggs, salt, leavening, cocoa powder, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa powder. made in a kitchen with peanuts and tree nuts.

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