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where in{Chicago}?

Hello!!! Thank you for finding us.  All those hours scrolling thru Instagram are about to pay off:


Check our Instagram stories for updates and flavors. We sell cookies from our kitchen

Friday and Saturday 11:00-3:00.

1030 North Hooker Street (yes, Hooker! please knock on doors with big.fat.cookie in window)

check instagram stories for sold out information....

And....we sell thru a few select retailers in Chicago OR feel free to place an order on our site and arrange for pick up or delivery. 

If you prefer to pick up, shipping will be refunded.

Please remember to leave us a note if you want to pick up or have your cookies hand delivered.  

 24 hours needed for delivery and pick up

Please call ahead to make sure the below stores are not sold out...that would be a huge bummer

    • Freshii 200 West Monroe

    • Freshii 350 North LaSalle

    • Freshii 161 North Clark

    • Freshii 1871@ the Mart 

    • Freshii 111 West Jackson

    • Freshii 50 E. Washington

    • Freshii AON Center

    • Freshii Oakbrook Center

  • Cafe Corbel 2342 N. Clark

  • Nonnina Cafe 340 North Clark street {little fat packs}

  • Steppenwolf Theatre {little fat packs and big. fats}

  • Cafe Bonne Sante (North Halsted)  

  • We deliver to buildings where doorman will accept package- driver cannot leave the vehicle to deliver upstairs. We will not credit back delivery charges for failed delivery attempt. 

If cookies were previously frozen or you want to freeze for travel, we recommend bringing the cookies to room temperature and warming 350 degrees for 5-8 minutes.   The chocolate will be melty inside and the outside crispy...just how cookies should be!

One bite into our cookies and your life will be forever changed- a little crunchy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. Sometimes we slice our Big. Fat. Cookies. into several pieces, leave it on the counter and keep going back for little tastes until the cookie magically disappears.  It's a win/win because of the exercise walking from the chair to the counter to finish the cookie. 

Other times we like slice and freeze. This is a great solution when you crave a little bite. From room temperature  warm a slice (or whole cookie) for 5-8 minutes at 350. Your warm cookie will be hot with melty chocolate chips.  You better heat up a few pieces because it would be annoying to have to wait another 8 minutes to heat up another!

We make two sizes of cookies: our signature 6 ounce and our little fat 3 ounce (email us for pricing, special order only) - both are divine but the 6 ounce is more of a show stopper- if you are bringing them to your boyfriend's mother's house, your co-workers house warming, your children's teacher as a suck up gift or your office holiday party for example! 


Big. Fat. Cookie.

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