The humble chocolate cookie- the bain of my existence.

Always searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Old cookbooks, family recipes and other bloggers are a wealth of informaton. I like them fat, thin, crispy or gooey.  I have had a few really bad chocolate chip cookies in my day- hard, stale little nuggets or so raw I was sure botulism was destined.

I grew up baking alongside my mother and grandmother- cakes, jelly cookies and banana bread were the staples of my baking repertoire. Baking was always my 'go to' activity yet somehow I chose to make a career from costume jewelry manufacturing.  A few days after graduating Tulane University in 1986, my parents asked me,

"What are your plans now?"  


Hmmmmmm, I didn't have a plan. That was awkward. What was I possibly thinking?  

My parents encouraged me to explore the option of expanding my hair barrette business (which I started in high school).

I took some of those hair barrettes into a local Chicago store, Elements.  The owner Toby Glickman was (and still is) a very savvy businesswoman with exquisite taste.  She, in her very direct but kind way said something to the effect of,

"These are great but..... you've got to make jewelry and you've got to get a sales representative in New york."

Toby wrote down some names and I pounded the pavement in New York- literally. I was shut down by a few of the industries most connected accessory showrooms until one woman kind of felt sorry for me and she took my very small jewelry line.

So......my costume jewelry manufacturing company was born in August 1987. Costume jewelry was really hot in the 80's, 90's and even into 2000- with Rhode Island being the costume jewelry mecca in this country. Then came India and China with their cheaply sourced labor and raw materials- the jewelry looks pretty good although the quality isn't the same as my USA made product. 

I still have my sales representative in New York ( different rep....long story) and I still love the creative process of designing and manufacturing costume jewelry- although it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be competitive in a field where so much costume jewelry is made abroad for less money.

So......you may be wondering,

'where is this woman going with this long story about jewelry?'

Basically I wanted to create a product that cannot be made for less money overseas. These gigantic mothers also known as big. fat. cookies. can not be copied and mass produced for pennies abroad.   Other companies make good cookies- most are made by machines many are full of gross ingredients.

Big. Fat. Cookies are made in very small batches with the greatest attention to detail. From picking the gross white thing out of each egg, to painstakingly weighing each cookie and adding individual chocolate chips to make sure the cookies look perfect, to obsessively baking and wrapping each batch- your cookies are hand made with the same craftsmanship, enthusiasm and creativity I have brought to my jewelry business since 1986. These cookies are made here. Sold here. Eaten here.

I suggest re-heating at 350  8-10 minutes for melty chocolate inside and crispy outside, definitely insta-worthy! 

I hope you enjoy your Big. Fat. Cookies.

I certainly enjoyed making them!