things. {we like}

what can you do with our cookies? and what do we obsess over?

funny you should ask.....


big. fat. cookies. 

{packed and ready for the dorm room}




sliced for a ladies tea (or cappuccino break)

{because a lady would never eat an whole cookie by least not in public!}




sliced into quarters for a superbowl party.

{because a football fan needs to pace himself with desserts. eating a quarter per quarter!}



big. fat. cookies.
1. slice the cookie {and pretend you want to share it}.
2. walk back and forth to the kitchen several times {until the beast is conquered}. 



buy a dozen and send them off to you college student.
{who says cookies can't buy friends?}



aside from the way a bay smells after a bath, what smells better than a warm oozing chocolate chip cookie? 
{really??? what smells better?}



we love when our cookies turn out odd looking.
{the clumpier and craggier the better}



we like to down our cookies with this....



we like to line em up
{like soldiers}