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big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.

Product image 1big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.
Product image 2big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.
Product image 3big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.
Product image 4big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.
Product image 5big.fat.cake {yes, that's right cake}.

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Woman cannot live by cookies alone, or can she?  Sometimes you gotta have cake.

Big.fat.cookie presents big.fat.cake.

9" single layer,serves 8-12. Made with almond flour and gluten free ingredients, moist from olive oil, tart from fresh lemons,  coconutty from fresh coconut, cinnamonny or chocolaty.

Cakes arrive without ice packs, ready to enjoy.

Eat today, or cakes can stay at room temperature for 5 days after arrival, or frozen for 3 months.  Defrost at room temperature and enjoy!

These divine cakes crave to be eaten along side a cold glass of milk or a hot cappuccino.  

Big slice or a sliver, chocolate, lemon, coconut, coffee cake or birthday sprinkle.  Cake hits the craving for sweets different.

Cookies are my first love but cake can't be beat. Select one or all!

  • Lemon: arrives naked with 2 sides of glaze to pour over cake 2.5 lbs
  • 🍋🍋🍋this cake made famous in Capri Italy became an obsession when i realized it is gluten free.  Dense and tart,  covered with powdered sugar or chocolate/vanilla glaze.  If you are a lemon lover, this cake is calling your name. Lemon glaze & chocolate ganache on the side for you to pour over and devour
  • Quadruple chocolate: arrives naked with chocolate ganache to pour over cake. 2.5 lbs 🍫🍫🍫made with almond flour, 2 types of cocoa and 2 different chocolates. This cake. This divine and dense quadruple chocolate cake is addictive in the very best way. Chocolate ganache on the side meant to pour over
  • Coconut: 2.5 lbs arrives nake dwith side of glaze and coconut to pour over cake
  • 🥥🥥🥥made with almond flour, shredded coconut. Dense with a hint of coconut. Meringue glaze and coconut come on the side for you to stir and pour over your cake!
  • Coffee cake: arrives complete ready to enjoy! 3lbs!!
  • ☕️☕️☕️dense and divine, cinnamonny, chocolate chunks, vanilla glaze & crumble top. This Coffee cake. Mere words cannot describe the perfect texture and can't stop eating it taste. 
  • Cakes arrive without ice packs, ready to eat. keep at room temperature for 5 days or freeze for later.  To enjoy from previously frozen, leave the cake unwrapped at room temperature until its no longer frozen!!!

Ingredients:  almond flour, powdered sugar, corn starch, white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, white chocolate, olive oil, baking soda, baking powder. 

Meringue glaze: sugar, dried egg whites, sunflower lecithin, cream of tartar, corn starch, vanilla extract

Lemon cake: lemon juice, lemon rind, limoncello liquor. lemon glaze: lemon juice, powdered sugar

chocolate cake: cocoa powder, semi sweet chocolate, chocolate ganache: heavy cream (MILK), semi sweet chocolate

coconut cake: coconut flakes, meringue glaze: egg whites, powdered sugar, coconut

Coffee cake: semi sweet chocolate chunks, cinnamon paste: butter, cinnamon, sugar, meringue glaze: egg whites, powdered sugar, cinnamon, crumble: brown sugar, Gluten free flour, white sugar, vanilla extract, salt

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