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big flat crack{er}

Product image 1big flat crack{er}
Product image 2big flat crack{er}

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It's that time again.  Jewish people all over the world are getting ready to celebrate the exodus from Egypt with the holiday of Passover.

The story passed on through generations is that during the exodus from Egypt the Jewish people didn’t have time to let their bread rise.

Some Jewish people observe Passover by not eating leavened bread.  Instead opting to eat what is known as “the bread affliction.”

We decided that matzo (kinda really plain) doesn't have to taste bland and boring.

With a nod towards our favorite Big.Fat.Cookie flavors, we created big.flat.crack{er} 

While FREE supplies last, Included with each four pack of matzo toffee will be a gift bag of matzo toffee scraps ( serves 1-2). Perfect extra addition for your candy plate, or for snacking as you prepare chicken soup or cinnamonny charoset :)

Big because matzo is approximately 7" square

Flat because matzo is unleavened bread.

Crack because it might arrive cracked.

 Yes, it might be cracked.

Were you gonna eat the giant piece anyway?

Four pack contains almost 2 pounds of divine Matzo toffee (4 individually wrapped pieces) arrives wrapped ready to gift {or hoard the entire box to eat by yourself}. Matzo toffee will stay fresh kept in enclosed plastic bags at room temperature for several weeks after arrival. 

To serve: break the matzo ( in case it arrives in one piece) into smaller pieces and arrange in a candy dish. 1 piece serves 2-4 people ( considering how hungry they are waiting for Seder to finish!)

Your starved long seder guests will thank you ( when they finally get to eat something other than dipped herbs and horseradish), your short seder guests will be psyched for such a divine dessert!!  Thank you, Happy Passover and enjoy!!!

Matzo toffee contains 1 of each below flavor individually wrapped:

Four pack weighs almost 2 pounds (32oz 900g)

Almond toffee: roasted almonds,toffee,  semi-sweet chocolate

Puppy chow: rice chex cereal, peanut butter, semi-sweet chocolate, powdered sugar, almond toffee

Toasted coconut: almond toffee base roasted almonds, semi-sweet chocolate, almond toffee

White + dark chocolate: almond toffee base, rainbow sprinkles, non pareils, confetti sprinkles, m&m candies

Contains: peanut butter, almonds (tree nuts) coconut, wheat.  Matzo should be eaten at room temperature. 

Matzo: Unbleached flour (wheat), water, salt

Net wt. 32oz (900 g)



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