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Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.

Product image 1Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 2Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 3Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 4Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 5Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 6Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 7Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 8Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 9Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 10Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 11Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 12Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.
Product image 13Not Dom's {FLATS} and stuff.

Regular price $ 12.00

Local Chicago specialty stores Foxtrot and Dom’s Market both closed April 23 without warning to employees, vendors or customers. 

Since our initial phone call in April 2021, the Dom’s bakery buyer and I had an instant rapport.  Lauren did her diligence, sourced our cookies and decided that Big.Fat.Cookie was the brand she wanted when Dom’s Halsted launched June 2021.

Lauren and her team were enthusiastic about our creative seasonal flavors.  They embraced Mardi Gras, Halloween, Ditch the pie, giant valentine hearts, tavern style pizza cookies, little fats and FLATS too. 

They created a seasonal SKU, almost a license for our creativity. 

When we presented addictive, crispy teeny, tiny, fLATS, the Dom's team loved them.  A much fancier older cousin to the famous (and hydrogenated Milano) little flats are piped and filled by hand ( yes, you read that correctly!). 

In addition FLAT crispy slab, not pretty, but equally tasty as their cookie sandwich counterpart. Both options are crunchy, almost can't stop eating them!

The impact of Dom’s sudden closing is already felt in our kitchen and there is a giant gap in our daily work schedule.  

We feel horrible for the employees and vendors large and small who are now struggling, worried, freaking out. 

We all need to make payroll, pay rent and our vendors. When I think of the ingredients, time, care and back breaking labor that went into the thousands of cookies we will not get paid for, I am very angry. 

Little FLATS, SLAB and crack{er} arrive ready to enjoy. These are all addictive, so pace yourself!  FLATS & SLAB keep at room temperature for 2 weeks or frozen 2 months.  Crackers keep at room temp for 3 weeks.

Please select FOUR items.

Orders with less than FOUR items will be refunded.  thank you!

Flavors to choose from:

  • browned butter rainbow sprinkle
  • browned butter chocolate filled
  • Peanut butter + raspberry preserves + ganache 
  • FLAT Slab chocolate chunk 
  • FLAT Slab rainbow sprinkle 
  • FLAT Slab snickerdoodle 
  • Crack{er} m&m white chocolate
  • Crack{er} puppy chow
  • Tavern style 6" pizza cookie (tender short bread)
  • Shortbread 5" {flower for mom}


Contains: Wheat flour, butter, eggs, white and brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract, semi sweet chocolate chips.

May contain: sugar rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate, peanut butter, heavy cream, powdered sugar ( corn starch) meringue glaze, egg whites


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