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that's foxed up {limited edition}

Product image 1that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 2that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 3that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 4that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 5that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 6that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 7that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 8that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 9that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 10that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 11that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 12that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 13that's foxed up {limited edition}
Product image 14that's foxed up {limited edition}

Regular price $ 6.00

Local Chicago specialty stores Foxtrot and Dom’s Market both closed April 23 without warning to employees, vendors or customers. 

Since March 2020, when Foxtrot buyers reached out with an SOS because they were unable to source product (2 weeks into the pandemic) we have delivered every single week to all of Chicago Foxtrot stores since March 2020.

Foxtrot was a valued retail partner, always a slow payer. Their buyers were always excited to taste new flavors and receptive to our ideas. 

We collaborated on divine and creative flavors; espresso crunch, pumpkin pie, birthday rice crispy, candy mix up, scary Halloween eyeball.

Our kitchen has dedicated foxtrot freezer and walk in cooler space. Since foxtrot was a weekly delivery we pre ordered ingredients and planned in advance to meet our weekly delivery deadline.

The impact of the sudden closing is already felt in our kitchen and there is a giant gap in the daily work schedule.  

We feel horrible for the hundreds of employees and vendors large and small who are now struggling, worried, freaking out.

We all need to make payroll, pay rent and our vendors. When I think of the ingredients, time, care and back breaking labor that went into the thousands of cookies we will not get paid for, I am very angry. 

Foxtrots quick expansion was too good to be true. In business since 1987, I should have known better.

Since we have thousands of FOXTROT stickers and excess ingredients to make their specialty cookies, we are selling the FOXTROT cookies at discount until their flavors are sold out. 

Big.Fat.Cookies last 3 months in the freezer and warm perfectly, stock up!!

Select a minimum of FOUR items: 

Orders with less than FOUR items will be refunded. 

  • Brown butter base+ Nutella and Big oreo top

  • Peanut butter X Reese's X chocolate chip cookie base, rainbow sprinkles
  • Candy: brown butter base+ candy, butter finger, m&m, twix, snickers
  • Birthday sprinkle + marshmallow, rice crispy
  • Oreo chocolate chip, semi sweet chocolate chips & Oreo
  • Brown butter, roasted almond toffee (no chocolate)
  • Triple chocolate + Peanut butter chips & reeses
  • S'mores


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