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We wanted to stop {Good Humor time!}.

Product image 1We wanted to stop {Good Humor time!}.
Product image 2We wanted to stop {Good Humor time!}.
Product image 3We wanted to stop {Good Humor time!}.
Product image 4We wanted to stop {Good Humor time!}.
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I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.  Summer in the 1970's meant weekdays at camp with long hot and sticky bus rides, coming home to blood red plums (during their short season), watching 'I dream of Jeannie' and if we were lucky a late afternoon stop at the Good Humor truck parked on Dundee Road, east off the highway. 

Sometimes our mom didn't feel like stopping. We yelled from the car, "We wanted to stop". 

Good Humor bars are a joy of childhood. Biting into the chocolate shell to reveal the fudgy inside.  Savoring every last bite of the chocolate eclair bar, never wanting it to end. 

We reimagined four of our favorite Good Humor flavors into Big.Fat.Cookies.  

No dripping ice cream but these are damn good cookies!  Enjoy!

1) brown butter cookie base+ strawberry chocolate chip inside, topped with strawberry glaze & strawberry and vanilla shortbread crumble

2) brown butter cookie base+ triple chocolate inside, covered with chocolate glaze& chocolate and vanilla shortbread

3) oreo chocolate chip cookie + vanilla glaze& crushed oreo topping

4)brown butter base+ caramel amaretto cookie, almond vanilla glaze topped with crushed amaretto, shortbread & roasted almonds.


FOUR PACK: 1 of each


EIGHT PACK: 2 of each


DOZEN PACK: 3 of each

big.fat.cookies arrive ready to enjoy. eat today, tomorrow or freeze for a cookie emergency!

Made with slowly and carefully browned, not burned butter, filled with Guittard semi sweet chocolate chips, dark brown sugar, more butter, melted semi sweet chocolate disks, three types of cocoa powder, these big, fat, SIX ounce cookies will make you the hit of the office party, first date, family reunion, Summer BBQ, Thanksgiving feast, day after your friend breaks up, or just get them for yourself! 

Individually wrapped for freshness  (PLUS the stickers are really cool!!!) Heat n' eat or slice n' share. 1 serves 4 (but if you eat it by yourself, we won't judge!!!!)

Big.Fat.Cookies arrive ready to enjoy.  Eat today, tomorrow or freeze for a cookie emergency!

To re-heat, allow frozen cookies to come naturally to room temperature.  Place cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake in a 350 degree  oven for 5-8 minutes....the result will be melty chocolate on the inside and crispy outside!

Going to a party? Bring our BIG FAT cookies and slice a few so one person doesn't hoard all the goodness! We like to slice one cookie into 1/4 or 1/8 or long wedges 6-8 pieces per cookie.

Made in a kitchen with peanuts and tree nuts. 

Contains or may contain: wheat flour, whole oats, raisins, sugar, butter/(milk), semi sweet & milk chocolate chips chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), eggs, salt, leavening, cocoa powder, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa powder. may contain peanuts, hazelnuts other tree nuts. 



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